Worship With Us

8:00 am – Traditional Worship in the Chapel

9:20 am – Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary

10:30 am – Fellowship in Adams Hall

11:11 am – Blended Worship in the Sanctuary

5 pm – Contemporary Worship in the Basement

Sunday School meets during the 9:20 service.

Children head to their Sunday School classroom after the children’s sermon.



Sunday School meets during the 9:20 service. Our congregation’s mission is to nurture people of all ages in the Christian faith and to help them practice the disciplines of discipleship. The church exists not to serve itself but to serve the world. We come to church not only for our own personal enrichment but also to prepare ourselves to do the work of love and to get ready to be Christ’s disciples in the community. Through worship, baptism, Communion, Bible study, prayer, and other means of grace, we’re strengthened for ministry.

We offer people opportunities for growing closer to God. Whether they are visitors or old-time members, just beginning the journey of faith or well along the road—all are in need of God’s love in Christ. Through worship, prayer, study, and honest sharing, we help one another discover that the Holy Spirit is not far off but present with us, wanting an open and loving friendship with each of us—not only friendship but commitment as well. Through our congregation’s various ministries we encourage one another to give our selves to Christ, to ground our lives in the living God.