Central United Methodist Church is a church where God is worshiped but we also have a building that for years has been put to good use by the community around us. Our social principles call United Methodist Churches to have a commitment to serving our communities as one of our primary values as Christians. Here at Central United Methodist Church our commitment to our community has included the sharing of our facilities with organizations serving the people who are our neighbors. Obviously, those using our facilities must follow our guidelines and standards.

Although it may seem obvious, first and foremost we are a church that celebrates God and our Risen Savior Jesus Christ. All organizations that use our facility must respect that reality and realize that this is a house of worship. Our Sanctuary and Chapel are places where people come to experience God, celebrate marriage and baptism, and remember the lives of those who have died. We value our church.

Every organization and group that is interested in using our building’s facilities for their events must make a formal written request providing key documentation such as verification of 501 (c ) (3) status and proof of insurance coverage and agreeing in writing to following our ‘safe sanctuary’ policies. These applications are reviewed by one of the pastors and a building use team to insure the use is an appropriate use of our church. 

Application for Use of Facilities

pdf_logoIndividuals who are not members of our church family with an interest in having their weddings held in our church Sanctuary or Chapel must meet the requirements of our church related to wedding preparation and the participation of our clergy and other staff members.

Similarly, funerals for non-members require adherence to our faith-based principals for this worship service.

We ask for as much advanced notice as possible due to the many internal and external activities that happen at our church. No one and no group is guaranteed the use of church space. Worship services and events involving a ministry of our church family will always take precedence over any other use of our building and/or grounds.

For building usage other than weddings please download the two applications, complete them, and mail or bring them to the church office.

Central United Methodist Church, 5 W. Marvin Avenue, Linwood, NJ 08221