Sunday School

averyCentral United Methodist Church has an active and Bible-based Sunday School program throughout the year. Our Sunday School classes meet at 9:30am; children are dismissed from our 9:20am Sunday morning worship service following the weekly ‘children’s message.’ Many families choose to worship together as a family following Sunday School at our 11:00am worship service and their children go directly to Sunday School at 9:30am.

During the ‘traditional school year’ from September through June, Central offers classes for children from age 2 through high school. The weekly studies utilize nationally developed Bible based curriculum that target each age group so that the children can get excited about learning more about God and His lessons for us. Younger children can be seen carrying craft projects and singing the songs they have learned at Sunday School. Throughout the Sunday School year children are encouraged to participate in a variety of mission projects that benefit national and global ministries.

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During the summer months we offer a ‘junior church’ program for children that incorporates lessons from the Bible with music and a great time of fellowship that has the kids wanting to come back to church ‘next week!’.

At the end of the Sunday School ‘year,’ we present Bibles to those children moving forward from the second grade. These Bibles include a personal message from our pastor and we know that God’s Word is the foundation for our lives … these Bibles will be looked back on years from now as a reminder of how Sunday School played an important role in a person’s life.

Daily Vacation Bible School


One week … every summer … Central United Methodist Church is transformed into an amazing world of adventure for children changing our church into seashore settings, deep sea discovery, jungle adventures, western scenes, and other interesting worlds all desgined to bring children closer to God. There is laughter through the building, songs praising God, interesting crafts, Bible verses being repeated, and a true sense of memories being created. This is truly what Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) is all about. Info about VBS 2017 can be found at

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This one week at the beginning of August can change your child’s life, their friends’ lives, and the lives of new friends.

Our DVBS leaders are the men and women of Central United Methodist Church who are dedicated to making this a very special week of faith for the children.

Thanks to the generous support from our church family, we continue our tradition at providing DVBS at no cost to the participants and their families although every year children are encouraged to share in a daily offering that goes to a special mission project.

Through the years, children who come to Central’s DVBS don’t want it to stop and they can’t wait to continue their connection to God and Jesus Christ through our Sunday School program. And, the families of children who attend DVBS get blessed by their children who sing songs about God, share memorized Bible verses, and talk about serving others in our world.

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