Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University


Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

Beginning on January 23rd, Central will be hosting Dave Ramsey’s course, Financial Peace University. The course will meet for 10 weeks on Tuesday evenings starting at 7:00 pm.  Dave Ramsey offers practical advice that can get you debt-free and in control of your finances while helping participants understand the role God has in their personal finances. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the class. If needed, childcare can be arranged.


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Christmas at Central

Sunday School Christmas Pageant

Sunday, December 17th at the 11:00 Service in the Sanctuary

Christmas Eve Morning Services

8:00 Service in Joslin Chapel

9:20 Service in Sanctuary featuring a special musical presentation by the Chancel Choir

11:00 Service in Sanctuary

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

All services will be held in the Sanctuary

4:00 Family Service with Genesis Choir

6:00 Candlelight Service with Praise Team

8:00 Traditional Candlelight Service with Chancel Choir and Music at 11 Team

11:00 Traditional Candlelight Service with Soloists and Holy Communion

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